Chaplins is a specialist in new hair trends and
exclusive facial care! Our salon, attracting customers'
attention, provides services by following the latest fashion
trends. With our experienced team, we offer you the highest
quality experience. Choose Chaplins to discover your beauty!


Enchant Your Special Moments! Professional and Talented Hair and Skincare Artists at Your Service, Unveiling Your Style.


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Each service at Chaplins Gentleman’s Quarters is designed to offer not just a grooming routine but an exceptional experience that makes our clients feel valued and cared for.

Hair Cut

Indulge in a tailored haircut that complements your style and personality. Our experienced barbers will provide you with a personalized consultation, followed by a precise cut and styling to ensure you leave looking your very best.

Skin Fade

The Skin Fade is an ultra-modern cut where the hair gradually fades into the skin, giving you a sharp, sleek look. Perfect for those seeking a bold and edgy style that’s also easy to manage.

Hair Cut & Beard Trim

Experience the ultimate grooming package with a classic haircut coupled with a meticulous beard trim. Our expert barbers will ensure that both your hair and beard are in perfect harmony.

Skin Fade & Beard Trim

Elevate your look with a combination of a skin fade haircut and a precise beard trim. Our skilled barbers will seamlessly blend the fade into your beard for a polished and dapper appearance.

Clipper Cut & Beard Trim

Clipper Cut (all over 1 to 4) & Beard Trim - Opt for a simple and clean look with an even clipper cut all over, accompanied by a neat beard trim. Ideal for gentlemen who prefer low maintenance without compromising style.

Clipper Cut (all over 1 to 4)

Achieve a uniform length and clean look with our clipper cut service. Whether you prefer a close crop or something slightly longer, our barbers will make sure you leave looking sharp.

Hot Towel Shave

Experience the traditional hot towel shave, where the face is prepped with hot towels for an incredibly close and smooth shave. This relaxing process is perfect for achieving a fresh and clean look.

Shave, Face Mask & Hot Towel

Treat yourself to a lavish shave with the added benefit of a rejuvenating face mask. The hot towel opens up pores, and the face mask deep cleanses, leaving your skin smooth and revitalized.

Beard Trim & Shape Up

Keep your beard looking its best with a professional trim and shaping. Our barbers will expertly sculpt your beard to enhance its natural contours and keep it looking well-groomed.

Kids Cut (under 12)

Our gentle and patient barbers make your child’s haircut a pleasant experience. We provide stylish and practical haircuts for children under 12, ensuring they leave with a smile.

Skin Fade for Students

Students can avail of a trendy skin fade at a special discounted price. Flaunt a fashionable and sharp look on campus without breaking the bank.

Hair Cut for Students

Students can enjoy a classic haircut at an exclusive price. Whether you prefer a trendy or classic style, our barbers will make sure you look your best.


Pamper your skin with our soothing facial service. This includes cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration to leave your skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and glowing.

OAP Hair Cut

Seniors can enjoy a classic haircut at a special discounted rate. Our patient and attentive barbers will ensure a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Chaplins Special

Immerse yourself in the ultimate grooming experience. This package includes a haircut, wash, hot towel, facial steam, face mask, hot waxing, eyebrow trim, ears singe, and a massage. The Chaplins Special is designed to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and impeccably groomed.

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